National Projects Working Group

Are you interested in large-scale projects and strategic planning? Information about the ACSA National Projects Working Group HERE

“Scaling up citizen science” an ACSA working group workshop. Tuesday November 22nd am Australian Museum Sydney

We will be considering the impact that can be achieved by scaling up citizen science projects to a large or national scale, what they can achieve for different stakeholders and policymakers.
Our international guest  speaker is Dr Poppy Lakeman Fraser visiting Australia from the UK. Poppy has had 10 years experience of being the Senior Programme Co-ordinator for the OPAL (OPen Air Laboratories)  project and also one of the leading contributors to ECSA (European Citizen Science Association).
We will also have contributions from Australian citizen science developers of large-scale projects – Paul Flemons describing the Australian Museum’s DigiVol  and also the recent , highly successful ABC “WildlifeSpotter” project, Ingrid Berthold from Waterwatch and Bruce Paton describing Earthwatch’s Climatewatch project.
 We will be seeking the input of citizen science practitioners and science/community policy makers to establish a shared understanding of where we should be directing our efforts in the future. We hope to develop a community of practice of people who are working to see citizen science develop to its full potential in Australia.
If you can join us, please RSVP to before November 11th
Kindly hosted by the Australian Museum, 1 William Street, Sydney 2010

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