Reflections on CitSci2017

Even weeks after the conference, I am still buzzing with excitement from the inspiring work I learned about being done in all corners of the Earth. The Citizen Science Association conference had an amazing program and you can check out a few of the highlights by scrolling through #CitSci2017 via twitter. You can also read personal reflection blog posts by Professor Muki Haklay, based on the presentations, workshops, and events he attended:

As for me, I
(1) attended the tail end of the Citizen Science Association’s board of directors meeting representing ACSA;
(2) ran a symposium about citizen science globally with folks working in Europe, the US and China, and audience members contributing information from several other regions;
(3) presented my citizen science design research investigating how to engage people with bioacoustics;
(4) tweeted live for the Cloud and the Crowd during the live viewing of an episode with cast members;
(5) met up with folks from around the world interested in creating a global mosquito monitoring program;
(6) attended as many brilliant talks and events as I could to garner more information to bring back home; and
(7) caught up with folks from around the globe! It was also wonderful to see an Oceania contingent representing the region in a wide variety of important ways and to have the opportunity to catch up with these more “local” colleagues!

If anyone is interested in knowing more about the conference please don’t hesitate to contact me @JessCappadonna

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