About the Discussion Group

Thank you for your interest in the Australian citizen science discussion group!

Why join the Group?

When you join ACSA’s discussion group you will be able to view and share information within and across our network and the broader citizen science community. You can:

  • send an email to all group members with one address
  • participate in threaded conversations
  • create online forums and posts
  • invite members to an event
  • share documents and resources
  • follow particular topics
  • choose how to receive your messages (e.g. via web or email)

How to Join

ACSA’s discussion group is a Google Group, which means you will need to have a Google account to join.
Already have an account with Google? Click here to join our discussion group!
No Google account? No worries! Simply sign up to create your free account, then click here to join the group!
Once you sign up to the list and have been approved, you will be able to see past and present discussions, and start contributing!
You will receive one summary email of new activity per day, on days when a new message has been sent.

Have questions about this group? Drop us a line.

Using the discussion group

Using the discussion group is easy! Once you have signed in you can start a new post from within the group, or simply send an email message to citizenscience-australia@googlegroups.com. Anything sent to this address will be seen by all members, so ensure you target your posts accordingly. Note that the first post in a thread will be moderated by the group administrator.

Please read our guidelines for posting before using the discussion group.

Managing email options

When you join up, you will automatically receive one summary email of new activity per day, on days when a new message has been sent. Delivery options (daily digest etc) can easily be set and changed via the Settings command within the group.

Guidelines for posting

  • This discussion group is for members of our citizen science community, so keep your posts relevant to the community as a whole.
  • Choose the correct type of post for your topic (discussion or announcement), and make sure you include at least one of the mandatory keywords.
  • Create clear and concise topic subjects and posts. Subjects should not be in all capital letters. Include only important URLs (posts with excessive URLs will be removed).
  • Anything posted in the group will be seen by all subscribers, so ensure you target your posts accordingly.
  • The first post in a thread will be moderated by the group administrator.
  • Emails sent to the entire group that don’t contain information applicable to the group will be rejected to help keep emails manageable.
  • Share your news! The discussion group is perfect for announcing upcoming events, new resources, training sessions etc.
  • Do not include personal information. To ensure your safety, security and privacy, never post your email address or any personal information you don’t want to share with the world! Be cautious if you choose to contact others offline or ask others to contact you.
  • Spam. Please, no spam. We are all responsible for keeping our community spam-free. Spam includes, but is not limited to, any promotional, commercial or adult contentment, multiple instances of the same post, posts with unrelated URLs, and the transmission of malware, viruses or anything that may disrupt service or harm others.
  • Be nice! Harassing, obscene or threatening language has no place in our group.
  • Read a post you love? Feel free to thank or congratulate the poster directly rather than to the whole group unless your reply contains additional information applicable to the discussion.
  • Make sure you get permission before sharing any copyrighted material or personal communications.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions about using the group, please drop us a line.