We’re bringing Citizen Science to you in 2020!

Log on for a whole week in October to our comprehensive, multi-themed event!

Webinars, presentations and interactive Q&A sessions – meet the success stories

Informal online coffee-rooms – engage in discussions with like-minded people

Social and business networking events – learn, share and collaborate with others

Online competitions – demonstrate your knowledge and contribute to win prizes

Engagement campaigns – engage your community


Our program will

Start discussions about the growing potential of citizen science

Share stories of outcomes from projects across Australia and the world

Showcase incredible examples and champions of citizen science 

It’s time to celebrate those who are engaging the citizens in science!


In the spirit of openness and accessibility in these difficult times CitSciOnline will be a free event for all ACSA members. To help make this free event a reality ACSA is actively seeking sponsorship.

All revenue generated from sponsorship will go towards:

  • Online event development, organisation and promotion
  • Online platform expenses
  • Any additional revenue will support ACSA a member based not for profit association.

If you are interested in sponsoring this event, please click the link below.

CLICK HERE for the Conference Prospectus and Sponsorship Opportunities


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