International Citizen Science

ACSA has close relationships with other citizen science groups and initiatives around the world and we can help you get in touch or communicate with representatives from other organisations.

We have a Memorandum of Understanding with sister associations in Europe, the United States, Asia and Africa, which outlines opportunities for cross-association cooperation, collaboration and communication.

We also have an International Liaison Officer, Jessie Oliver, who represents ACSA on the international stage and can help with queries or contact details in this space. Jessie can be reached by Twitter, see her feed to the right.

For information about the Citizen Science Global Partnership, you can get in touch with our Citizen Science Global Partnership Liaison, Libby Hepburn, via the contact us form.

Browse through the links below to see ACSA’s international connections.

Global Initiatives & Groups
  1. United Nations (UN)
  2. Global Citizen Science Partnership
    • Science & Open Science Community of Practice (May 2020 – Present)

European Initiatives & Groups
  1. European Citizen Science Association
  2. Earthwatch Europe’s Measuring Impact of Citizen Science project (Jan 2019 – Present)
  3. WeObserve Communities of Practice [3-year initiative ended Mar 2021]
    • SDGs: UN Sustainable Development Goals and citizen observatories (Nov 2018 – Mar 2021)
    • Impact: Impact and value of citizen observatories for governance (Nov 2018 – Mar 2021)
    • Engage: Co-designing citizen observatories and engaging citizens (Nov 2018 – Mar 2021)
    • Interop: Interoperability and standards for citizen observatories (Nov 2018 – Mar 2021)
  4. Citizen Science COST Action CA15212 [3-year initiative ended Sep 2020]
    • Working Group 5 – Improve data standardization & interoperability (Jun 2016 – Sep 2020)
    • Sub-Working Group 3 – National Platforms & Initiatives (Jan 2019 – Sep 2020)
United States-Based Initiatives & Groups
  1. Citizen Science Association
    • General Member (May 2017 – Present)
    • CSA Data & Metadata Working Group (Feb 2017 – Present)
    • Working group on Education (Nov 2020 – Present)
    • Working group on Ethics (May 2017 – Nov 2020)
  2. Society for Conservation Biology Participatory & Citizen Science Working Group (Jul 2017 – Present)

Liaising with Emerging Associations
  1. CitSciAsia (Jun 2018 – Present)
  2. Citizen Science Association of Aotearoa New Zealand (Oct 2019 – Present)
  3. Iberoamerican Network of Participatory Science (Oct 2019 – Present)

A great resource by ECSA

Our sister association ECSA (European Citizen Science Association) has made a selection of Gold Star citizen science resources available to help you get started with designing and launching your own citizen science project.

Categorised across the project lifecycle, these resources include best practice guidelines for Project Initiation, Planning, Execution and Impact & Evaluation.