CitSciOzOnline 2020 Videos

Early-Mid Career Researcher (EMCR) Symposium

The EMCR symposium united citizen science-aligned researchers in Australia to interrogate and explore research and practice in citizen science across the country. The symposium featured keynotes, lighting talks, Q&A, interactive sessions, and networking opportunities, this conference aimed to be the starting point for a community of practice in citizen science research; uniting interdisciplinary researchers, citizens, and others from outside of institutional settings.

Disaster and Resilience

The Disaster Response Stream showcased three speakers who discussed the role of citizen science in 2020 and its role as both a platform to collect information and to connect people across the globe in helping to understand the impact and recovery from extreme events.

It was followed by the Resilience session, an informal coffee chat centred around the question of ‘What Does it Mean to be Resilient’ The session explored resilience not only in terms of disaster preparedness and recovery but also individual resilience.

Connections and Partnerships

The Connections and Partnerships Stream of ACSA Online showcased four speakers who discussed the role of connections and partnerships in supporting citizen science at different levels – from the policy level (macro), at an institutional level (meso) and finally at the individual/community level (micro). 


The Innovation Stream showcased speakers who have utilised citizen science to address a question, barrier, or challenge. The talks discussed how they applied innovative solution for problem solving  or in engaging the community.