Who we are

The Australian Citizen Science Association  (ACSA) was formed to advance citizen science through the sharing of knowledge, collaboration, capacity building and advocacy.

We are a member-based community that supports, informs and develops citizen science. ACSA membership is open to citizen science project managers, volunteers or anyone with an interest in citizen science.

What is Citizen Science?

Citizen science involves public participation and collaboration in scientific research with the aim to increase scientific knowledge. It’s a great way to harness community skills and passion to fuel the capacity of science to answer our questions about the world and how it works. Have a look at our 10 Principles of Citizen Science to find out more.

To be involved in citizen science you don’t need a science degree. Citizen scientists work with scientists or the scientific framework to achieve scientific goals.

Why become an ACSA member?

By becoming a member of ACSA you will join a vibrant and growing community of citizen science enthusiasts! Share ideas, pose questions, collaborate on projects, attend conferences and other networking events and stay up to date with all the latest information on this burgeoning field of science within Australia! As a member you will have access to a whole range of benefits, including:

  • discounted registration to conferences
  • opportunity to work with ACSA members on events and initiatives
  • access to and inclusion in secure online member directory
  • nomination and voting rights at Annual General Meeting and other elections
  • eligibility to be nominated for and elected to the Management Committee
  • facilitation of working groups and regional chapters
  • opportunity to contribute to the ACSA website, publications list and newsletter
  • eligibility for financial assistance grants to further your development in citizen science
  • access to members-only section of website (e.g. containing member directory, Q&A section, best practice information (under development))
  • Free ACSA t-shirt!

Become a member

More about ACSA

The Australian Citizen Science Association (ACSA) was conceived at the Inaugural Citizen Science Workshop hosted by the Queensland Museum in Brisbane on 6 May, 2014.  A large number of dedicated volunteers came together and formed working groups to actively develop the structure of ACSA and build awareness of Australian citizen science both nationally and globally.

In June 2014 an establishment committee was formed and was responsible for a number of tasks such as selection of a host institution, progressing incorporation and coordinating the development of relevant organisational plans. In July 2015 formal elections were held for management committee positions. Under the 2015 Management Committee’s guidance, ACSA officially became incorporated on 30 June, 2016. The management committee released it’s inaugural strategic plan in 2016 and secured seed funding from Inspiring Australia.

ACSA is now a fully member-based incorporated association that seeks to advance citizen science through the sharing of knowledge, collaboration, capacity building and advocacy.

Vision – A community that supports, develops and informs citizen science.

Mission – To advance citizen science through sharing of knowledge, collaboration, capacity building and advocacy for citizen science.

Goals – The Australian Citizen Science Association actively works to:

  • Encourage and promote broad and meaningful participation in citizen science.
  • Facilitate inclusive and collaborative partnerships.
  • Support the development of tools and resources that further best practice.
  • Ensure the value and impact of citizen science and its outputs are realised.
  • Establish ACSA as an effective, trusted and well recognised organisation and hub for citizen science in Australia.

View ACSA’s 2019-2021 Strategic plan  and Constitution.

ACSA Committee

ACSA is spear-headed by a member-elected Management Committee.

Partners and Sponsors

ACSA is funded by a Commonwealth Government grant through the Inspiring Australia Program, with the purpose of supporting citizen science in Australia in partnership with the University of Sydney. The University of Sydney’s Faculty of Science is the organisational home for ACSA. Many other organisations also provide leadership, resources and additional support for ACSA and its activities. These include, but are not limited to, the Atlas of Living Australia, Gaia Resources and Queensland Water & Land Carers.