The Australian BioBlitz Hub

BioBlitzes are becoming a frequently used, large-scale citizen science field event in Australia. A BioBlitz is a snapshot study of a specific location, where scientists and the community work together to survey and record as many species within a nominated timeframe –generally 24-48 hours. They are flexible in structure, with several different forms being used by practitioners.

Run well they are inspiring and engaging for participants and collect valuable data for natural resource managers. In 2015, a working group of practitioners put together an Australian Guide to Running a BioBlitz to support the growth and delivery of BioBlitzes. The guide is based on the experiences of Australian BioBlitz coordinators and on the UK BioBlitz model developed as part of the Open Air Laboratories program.

Since the development of the BioBlitz guide, practitioners have worked together to develop an Australian BioBlitz Hub. The Hub itself is a space for current and future practitioners to find templates, case studies and example documents to help design and deliver their own BioBlitz. It also provides a space to promote and explore upcoming BioBlitzes through its calendar function, while providing a space to ask questions, share key learnings and interesting finds via the new BioBlitz Australia Facebook group.