About ACSA Consulting

ACSA Consulting specialises in developing citizen science strategies and strategic work pieces for organisations wanting best practice advice, design, and implementation of citizen science in Australia.

ACSA Consulting operates on a fee-for-service model, often building on our existing collaborations.

We have developed citizen science strategies for clients such as the NSW Natural Resource Commission, GeoScience Australia, and the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust. Additionally, we helped build citizen science as an integral component of disaster monitoring, recovery and resilience for the Minderoo Fire and Flood Initiative.

ACSA Consulting offers services in the areas of:

  • Citizen Science Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Citizen Science Project Design, Management, and Evaluation
  • Best Practice Citizen Science Advice
  • Citizen Science Technology Design
  • Capacity Building Workshops (On requested topics, project management, program evaluation, etc.)

We are registered as a prequalified supplier for the NSW Government.

ACSA is a not-for-profit organisation. Proceeds of our consulting services work are used to advance citizen science in Australia.

We recognise that every situation is different and can draw upon various consultants with skills and experience in all aspects of citizen science.

Past Clients

ACSA provides collaborative and strategic citizen science project services to private, research and government clients, including:

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