ACSA partners with Minderoo

Building community preparedness and awareness through citizen science

ACSA is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Minderoo Foundation’s Wildfire and Disaster Resilience Program (WDRP). ACSA will collaborate with the WDRP on a program designed to use citizen science methods to empower members of the public to contribute to and co-design research projects that will increase the disaster resilience for landscapes and community at local and national scales. This partnership builds on ACSA’s commitment to build the mechanisms to enable the citizen science community to play an important role in monitoring bushfire recovery and building resilience for future events. Stay tuned for further details on this new and exciting partnership and how you can become involved.

For further detail about the MDRP have a listen to Adrian Turner, CEO Minderoo Fire Fund discuss their goals and objectives to drive systemic change on CEDA’s “The Greater Good Podcast”. ACSA’s role in helping achieve their ambitious program is referenced at minute 43. We couldn’t agree more with Adrian’s vision “why not have every person that has a cell phone be a sensor as a point of situational awareness infrastructure – where you could collect videos, photos and texts in a structured way that could be used by emergency services during a crisis”. 

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