Working Groups and Regional Chapters

Working Groups and regional Chapters help to implement ACSA’s strategic goals, priorities and actions. Working Groups are centred around a specific area of interest focus, whether that be a particular citizen science typology, citizen science issue or community of practice. Regional Chapters serve to support the values, approach and strategy of ACSA at a regional level.

ACSA may put a call out for the formation of Working Groups and Regional Chapters. This will occur via our website, newsletter and social media. Alternatively, groups of individuals who are interested in establishing a Working Group or Regional Chapter are encouraged to apply.

To date, there is one active ACSA Working Group that has been approved by the ACSA Management Committee, and this group is busy planning #CitSciOz18! Are you interested in proposing a new Working Group? Want to start a Regional Chapter? Click here to find out more and get started!

Conference Working Group

  • Philip Roetman, University of South Australia
  • Sylvia Clarke, Department of Environment, Water & Natural Resources (DEWNR)
  • Frank Grutzner, University of Adelaide
  • Tahlia Perry, University of Adelaide
  • Brianna le Busque, University of South Australia
  • Erin Roger, ACSA Chair
  • Alexis Tindal, ACSA Treasurer
  • Ellie Downing, ACSA Secretary
  • Jessie Cappadonna, ACSA General Member
  • Amy Slocombe, ACSA Support Officer