The ACSA logo identity

We are pleased to share with you our new ACSA logo.

Our brief for the design of the ACSA graphic identity was that it needed to reflect:

  • that we are an Australia-wide connected network of people
  • any kind of science
  • growth and spread

We also said it should be bright and appealing across all types of media and formats (websites, brochures, social media etc).

Holly Webber our designer has responded very well to this brief, giving us something that has already evoked a wide range of responses, “flowers, fish, and fractals have been first responses from the first sight of the logo, people only seeing the people element later. Some other elements that come out are:

  • the central star/flower has 8 elements – reflecting the 8 Australian States and Territories
  • some of the dots are like eyes – the inquisitive nature of citizen science
  • the people are big and small – the wide range of people and organizations involved in citizen science
  • the perceptual illusion of switching between the white and orange shapes and spaces – that what we see in the world can be interpreted in more than one way

We hope you like it too and look forward to seeing it on websites, publications and T-Shirts in the near future.

All good wishes,

Libby Hepburn and Stephanie von Gavel

Holly Webber was the designer, and she can be contacted via the email

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