Changes to ACSA’s Member Portal

ACSA recently sought suggestions from our members  on how to improve the functionality and effectiveness of our website. Following this, we have decided to proceed with an initial upgrade to our Member Portal. Our new Member Portal will be a front-facing search facility, allowing people to search for a citizen science expert, communicate with others in a relevant field or increase their professional contacts list. This change should vastly increase the functionality of the portal and help provide the networking and connection opportunities that are so often requested.

All ACSA members will have the opportunity to be profiled in this portal, and the wider community will be able to search through it.

The portal will enable you to:

  • Update your profile to advertise your skills and specialities to others;
  • Search our vast membership database using keywords;
  • Link up with others in your field or geographical area;
  • Find an expert who can help you with your project.

Whether you’re a project coordinator looking for collaborators, a researcher looking for partners, a university student looking for experience, or a volunteer looking for a project near you, the new member portal should help provide the connections or information you need, and help increase your visibility and access to citizen science all over Australia.

For more information or to discuss further, please contact us.

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