How do we influence the leading edge of policy frameworks for science and citizen science?

You are invited to two upcoming events on maximising the impact of the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science in Australia.

The first is a workshop hosted virtually by the University of Sydney:

Tuesday 21 September, 9-12pm (AEST) | Maximising the impact of the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science

Register here.

Following on from that will be a workshop as part of the Australian Citizen Science Associations’ 2021 Conference:

Friday 29 October 9.30-11am (AEST) | Opening Science to Society through Citizen Science: What are the next steps for Australia?

Register for the conference here.
These events follow on from an initial conversation held at the Centre for Public Awareness of Science (CPAS), ANU in May of this year and seek to develop a roadmap for the inclusion of citizen science in high level strategic discussions about science directions and resourcing in Australia.
The UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science, set for ratification in November 2021,1 is an acknowledgement that ‘The question is no longer whether Open Science is happening, but rather how everyone can contribute and benefit from the transition.’ 
Citizen science is an essential part of realising open science, providing opportunities for open, inclusive, and participatory processes for knowledge creation. It is important that we move swiftly to demonstrate how much citizen science can contribute to this paradigm shift, leveraging the impact of The Recommendation. 
Once the Recommendation is adopted in November, countries are committed to a series of actions which require new policy and funding frameworks. To respond fully to the UNESCO Recommendation, it is necessary for a range of societal actors including citizen science to ‘have a seat at the table’ when policy and funding for Open Science is discussed.
We invite you to join us to contribute to the development of an approach to integrate citizen science within science policy in Australia.
We very much hope you are able to attend,
Warmest wishes
Libby Hepburn and Alice Motion

One thought on “How do we influence the leading edge of policy frameworks for science and citizen science?

  • HI Libby and Alice
    I am extremely interested in this area as I have spent the last 18 months developing a DNA barcoding project aimed at schools and communities. I’m in Western Australia, an ex science teacher and biotech education ‘nerd’ for 20 years! Ive invested in portable, research grade equipment that can be used anywhere plus have a team of awesome young Phd students who help teach and guide the technique from collection, barcoding and data analysis. Im not attached to any particular university or organization but really need to be financially. Would love to connect with more like minded people and would through any support required behind what you re proposing! Pauline Charman. (BioBarcode Australia)

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