Free webinar: How to use drones to monitor ecosystems

When: Monday July 18, 2022 | 7:30 – 8:25pm AEST

Online event: Zoom link will be delivered upon registering for this event

Hosted by: GeoNadir & ACSA

As you already know, our precious ecosystems are under threat.

Fortunately, technology is advancing to the point where citizen scientists like us can contribute
to real solutions.

One of those solutions involves using drones to capture imagery of our local ecosystems.

Through the use of drones and the associated technology, we can contribute to solving the
challenging global problems we are all facing.

We have partnered up with Technical Lead and Co-Founder of GeoNadir, Dr Karen Joyce. She
will be presenting a webinar all about how to use drones to monitor ecosystems.

Dr Joyce is a scientist, academic, and educator. During her time as Senior Lecturer at James
Cook University and as Education Director of She Maps, Dr Joyce has taught more than 6,500
teachers and students how to capture geospatial data with drones. She has a PhD in mapping
live coral cover on the Great Barrier Reef, and has worked as a Geomatic Engineering Officer in
the Australian Army.

Whilst continuing her research on the Great Barrier Reef, she is also building an online drone
data repository, GeoNadir, to help protect the world’s most-at-risk ecosystems.

This webinar will cover:

  • How to get started with drone mapping.
  • How to map your local ecosystems with drones.
  • What you need to be aware of when flying a drone in Australia.
  • How to process and store your drone imagery for wider societal benefit.

Following this webinar, all attendees will get free access to the GeoNadir Drone Mapping
Course (Valued at $695).

Please click here to register for this webinar: Drones for mapping ecosystems: Webinar, Hosted
online, 18th of July | Humanitix

5 thoughts on “Free webinar: How to use drones to monitor ecosystems

  • Amy Slocombe

    Hi Garry, we may well be running another webinar in the future, but in the meantime I have sent you an email regarding a viewing link for the recording of the session.

  • Anthony Powell

    As a member of our local Coastcare and having participated in the Mangrove Watch Programme ( James Cook Uni ) we have established a system using a Phantom 4 drone and Litchi software to monitor mangroves.
    Keen to share photos obtained ( complete cicum.nav of Russell Island ) and systems developed.
    Please contact
    Tony Powell

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