Welcome to Global CitSciMonth!

Citizen Science Month offers thousands of opportunities for you to turn your curiosity into impact. There’s something for everyone, everywhere! If you are #HomeSchooling, #StayAtHome or just having a #Staycation you can join a project or event from wherever you are to help scientists answer questions they cannot answer without you. There is something on every day (and night) during CitSciMonth and most are suitable for students to join in online. Check out the calendar for more information here such as the Grey Mangrove Hunt or join the ACSA team in the Stall-A-Thon where we will be helping to find a cure for Alzheimers with Stall Catchers.

Note: Check the time zones before you sign up for web events as this is a global events month.

Is your favourite citizen science project celebrating Global Citizen Science Month? Please let us know so we can share the word on the ACSA social media accounts!

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