ALA presentation: underpinning citizen science in Australia

ACSA-ACT & Region invites you to join a special online presentation by Peter Brenton of the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA).

This presentation will provide an overview of the ALA, including the tools, services and information it provides. It will also cover the benefits to data providers in making their data freely available through the ALA. Time will also be allocated to a Q&A session were your ALA questions will be answered.

Underpinning citizen science in Australia

Presented by: Peter Brenton

Date: 30 July 2020

Time: 7:30PM

Format: Online (Zoom)

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The Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) is our national facility for biodiversity data, aggregating occurrence observations and other biodiversity information from thousands of sources into a standardised public access data repository which is used by the general public, researchers, ecologists, industry, policy makers and natural resource managers. The world-leading infrastructure developed by the ALA provides an integrated suite of tools for collecting and managing raw data; searching, filtering and visualising aggregated data; and for analysing very large datasets.

The ALA has been a major supporter of citizen science since it’s inception in 2009 and is currently providing the infrastructure underpinning the ACSA citizen science project finder and the data collection tools used by hundreds of citizen science projects all over Australia.

About Peter Brenton

Peter Brenton has worked for the Atlas of Living Australia (based at CSIRO, Canberra) since 2009. He leads the ALA’s Applications team and the development of tools which support the many and varied needs of field-based data collection by the ecological and citizen science communities.

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