Environmental biosecurity webinar series – begins in 2 weeks

The Environmental Biosecurity Office (EBO) is excited to inform you about a new monthly environmental biosecurity webinar series beginning in two weeks.

The monthly webinars will run during the last week of each month using Microsoft Teams, and will be held in place of the Environmental Biosecurity Roundtables for 2020. Each webinar will feature three keynote speakers and explore a particular theme relating to environmental biosecurity.

The speaking sessions will run for no more than one hour and be followed by a half hour facilitated discussion for those who wish to dive deeper into the topic being discussed.

If you have a spare 60 or (even better) 90 minutes a month, you may like to consider logging on for this engaging series! The EBO is planning to use the department’s HaveYourSay engagement platform to run alongside the seminar series so that relevant information can be further shared and discussed online following the webinars.

Current 2020 EBO webinar program*

  • 28 July: Biosecurity – Sustaining life, communities and the land
  • 25 August: It’s all about the people
  • 29 September: Flora, Fauna and Fire – Regenerating a scorched landscape
  • 27 October: Biosecurity risks in focus – Contaminants & commerce
  • 24 November: Biosecurity in our backyard

 *Webinar dates are subject to change pending presenter availability.

If you would like to participate, please REGISTER NOW to receive speaker info, an invitation and joining details for each webinar as they are confirmed.

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