Volunteering for ACSA: a win-win

By Faiza Sayed

My experience of working as a volunteer data analyst for ACSA has been enjoyable, enriching and rewarding. The concept of Citizen Science and the work that ACSA does has always inspired me for being able to educate, productively engage and empower the young and old alike. This is what my team and I strive to do through STEM Catalyst as well. Volunteering with ACSA enabled me to bring together my passions for empowering people and working with data / technology. 

Not only did I incredibly enjoy the job at hand, but also had some great work to add to my profile, landing me a full-time role as a Data Analyst. A big thank you to Amy and Alice for giving Nasreen and I the opportunity to come on-board!

Offering to volunteer and connecting with the team at ACSA  also gave my team at STEM Catalyst the opportunity to be featured in ACSA’s online conference series in June 2021 through which we were able to showcase our work and put the spotlight on what is urgently required in the STEM engagement space, opening more doors for STEM Catalyst. Volunteering with ACSA has been nothing but a win-win experience.

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