B&B Schools BioBlitz results

Here is latest news from Planting Seeds about the B&B Schools BioBlitz, which was supported by ACSA. Planting Seeds is also a recipient of a 2022 ACSA Seed Grant. Thank you to everyone who participated!

The B&B BioBlitz blitzed biodiversity! Scheduled for September’s National Biodiversity Month, schools from every State and territory engaged in citizen science, took observations in their school grounds and uploaded the images to iNaturalist and the CSIRO’s Atlas of Living Australia.

Over 60 schools participated recording approximately 2345 observations of 635 species. 

Our leaderboard shows St Monica’s College in Melbourne took the most observations at a grand total of 213, followed by Wahroonga Adventist School (188) and Mulgoa Public School (153).

Unusual species photographed included the Two-tailed Spider and there were beautiful images of bugs and birds including the Blue Triangle Butterfly and the Tawny Frogmouth. 

Thank you to all the schools that participated and for your valuable contributions to biodiversity research and data through our National School B&B BioBlitz citizen science project.

You can view the results for your self on iNaturalist here

Planting Seeds newsletter, October 2022

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