Open Science and Society: Citizen Science Addressing National and International Priorities presentations

On February 12, 2018 an information session and interactive discussion was held in Canberra to re-cap outcomes from the 2018 Australia Citizen Science Conference, and present several case studies on the achievements and opportunities offered by citizen science at national and global scales. The forum offered a unique opportunity for experts from the United States to share their experiences regarding their experiences and strategies for building successful partnerships between government, academia and the public to advance citizen science for society.

Presenters included:

  • Jennifer Loder, ACSA management committee, Reef Citizen Science Alliance
  • Dr. Erin Roger, ACSA Chair & NSW Office of Environment & Heritage
  • Dr. Lea Shanley, US NSF South Big Data Innovation Hub
  • Dr. Amy Kaminski, NASA
  • Libby Hepburn, Atlas of Life
  • Stephanie von Gavel, ACSA Vice Chair & Business Development Manager CSIRO

You can read more about this in our conference blog, and can download a copy of the presentation here.